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    Marty Allen: Bio, Professional Career, Age, Net Worth, and Relationship.

    The Comedian And A Hero Marty Allen. 

    Marty Allen, an American comedian actor is famous for his role in television shows and his stand-up comedy. Other than films he is also known for his charities. His theatrical films, like The Great Waltz, got him a lot of appreciation and fame. 

    Biography of Marty Allen

    Marty Allen’s full name is Morton David Alpern, and his hometown is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U. S. Marty Allen was born on March 23, 1922. He died in the month of February and in the year 2018. His death anniversary is on the 12th of February. He was married twice; his first marriage was with Lorraine “Frenchy” Trudelle, and his second marriage was with Karon Kate Blackwell. 

    Physical Appearance of Marty Allen

    Marty Allen looked like a middle-aged man even in his thirties. He has astonishing black eyes and hair. Marty Allen’s height is not really good; he was 5 feet and 4 inches tall. His weight and other physical details are still unknown.

    Professional Career of Marty Allen

    Marty Allen entered the film industry and got his acting partner, DeWood, and they first got roles as extras in other actors’ films. After their breakup, Marty Allen joined Allen & Rossi, and from here he got a boost in his career and started giving several hit comedy albums.

    They worked together for several years and then parted when Allen’s wife died. After their parting ways, Allen appeared in this Broadway show called Let It Ride! This was the starting point in his career, and then he started performing some dramatic roles in films. He had done several comedic films, like Circus of the Stars and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. 

    Marty Allen’s Love Life

    Marty Allen met his first wife Lorraine “Frenchy” Trydelle, she was working in the Concord Resort Hotel as an office manager.  They got married in 1960, but unfortunately, she died in 1976.

    In 1983 Marty met his second wife Karon Kate Blackwell in Los Angeles where she was working as a manager. As soon as they met they got a lot closer and soon got married. They both performed together for several roles in the films. They got married in 1985.

    Net Worth of Marty Allen

    Marty Allen’s net worth could be estimated at approximately $1 Million – $5 million. Marty Allen has done fabulous work in several comedies. His net worth had significant growth in his acting career on all points. 

    FAQs About Marty Allen

    What is Marty Allen’s birthplace?

    Marty Allen’s from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U. S.

    What is Marty Allen’s age? 

    Marty Allen died at the age of 95 years. 

    Was Marty Allen Married?

    Yes, he got married two times and his present wife was Karon Kate Blackwell.

    Marty Allen’s first wife’s name was?

    His first wife’s name was Lorraine “Frenchy” Trydelle.

    Was he a stand-up comedian? 

    yes, he was a stand-up comedian. 

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