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    Aiven Open Source Company Raises $100M Collection C, at an $800M Valuation

    The data infrastructure is designed to handle and store massive amounts of data. Aiven is an open-source data infrastructure company that handles your data through the cloud, so it can be accessed by clients anytime and anywhere. Recently, they have achieved unicorn status with a $2 billion valuation and have raised more than $400 million. Aiven is such a data infrastructure company that provides this service. They are the new trendsetters in the cloud business.

    They have adopted a technology that is open-source and, at the same time, fully managed by the core team of Aiven. The reason why your boss should choose Aiven to host your company’s network is that. Nothing can go wrong when you choose a company to manage your data that has received up to Series D financing and is supported by some of the valley’s finest investing companies.

    What is Aiven?

    Heikki Nousiainen and Mika Eloranta had an idea in 2016 to start a cloud-based technology company capable of combining the best open-source technologies with cloud computing and infrastructure. They then founded Aiven with the assistance of their colleagues, Oskari Saarenmaa and Hannu Valtonen.

    Aiven mostly offers databases as a service (Daas) to open-source companies for innovation. The main aim of founding the company was to enable customers to drive open source business results that spark true transformations much further beyond their own yards. The founders of Aiven gained experience managing mission-critical data infrastructure for companies such as F-Secure and Nokia. They observed that companies were quick to adopt cloud technologies but terribly failed in managing them and bringing about productive business outcomes.

    The four-person team created a true, open-source data cloud that organizations could use to build a modern data infrastructure. Companies could use Aiven to accelerate their growth from prototyping to a global scale.

    What does Aiven offer its customers?

    Aiven provides a fully managed, open-source cloud data platform that is tailored to your needs. It houses all cloud-providing tools and services under one roof, and you can even build a fully functional and multi-featured data infrastructure in less than ten minutes. It makes establishing cloud databases so simple that anyone can do it. Aiven uses powerful open-source services to keep you in control of your data.

    Aiven essentially has everything you need to succeed in business and get things done. The Helsinki-based company currently offers ten massive services in collaboration with some of the world’s top companies to assist you in developing tomorrow’s applications. It provides Apache Kafka as a fully managed service with no vendor lock-in and a comprehensive set of capabilities to help you build your streaming pipeline.

    Aiven hosts a fully managed and hosted PostgreSQL with superior efficiency and all the plugins you need out of the box. Other popular Aiven services include Redis, Apache Flink, OpenSearch, Influx DB, Cassandra, M3, and Graffana, which can all be deployed in your preferred cloud and monitored by Aiven so you can automate the mundane tasks and focus on building your core apps.

    Milestones Achieved by Aiven

    After its inception in 2016, Aiven achieved some notable milestones in its journey. On 22nd July 2017, the company announced that it received $1 million dollars in a seed round by Lifeline Ventures to improve the platform and its products and a year later it established its Boston Office. In May 2019, the data infrastructure company, $9 million in Series A funding, followed by a $40 million investment in Series B where IVP was the lead investor.

    The breakthrough came in 2021 when Aiven received $160 million total in quick succession in Series C funding and in the same year they were also selected as Enterprise Saas winner at Vivatech.

    Aiven has received $420 million in funding over six rounds. On May 12, 2022, they received a Series D round of funding of $210 million. Eleven investors have contributed to the funding of Aiven. The most recent investors are Salesforce Ventures and Earlybird Venture Capital. The new investment round, led by Eurazeo SE and joined by funds and accounts managed by BlackRock Inc., valued Aiven at $3 billion before accounting for the new funds.

    Why Choose Aiven?

    Aiven empowers its customers to build better. It provides a comprehensive selection of major multi-cloud providers for deployment in various regions. With the tools of their choice, the client can easily monitor and manage cloud data infrastructure.

    Aiven promises 99.9% uptime and high availability. It offers infinite scalability with increased servers and storage at the click of a button. Finally, it has end-to-end encryption with built-in security and full compliance certifications.

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